Monday, January 26, 2009

Heavy Positives

January 26th: Ever have the feeling that all of your life sections - job, friends, love, family, personal - can be going great and then one little thing goes wrong in one little area and everything falls apart? It's strange how much weight human behavior puts on the negative, making it sometimes seem impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel or remember how great everything else is going besides this tiny hiccup.
I am taking a stand against the negative. Today was a good day. Work is exhausting but extremely gratifying, I'm making new friends but keeping the old, and the parental relationship continues to grow and flourish to something of real comfort. Then came the hiccup...and there went my mood. I sat with it for an hour, allowing the feeling of disappointment to sink in a bit. Then, I remembered all the great around which my life revolves. My brilliant, driven friends and loved ones, my beautiful and powerful mother, my supportive family, this breathtaking city, a future illuminated in wonder and hope. The negative news that I received didn't hold even the tiniest of candles to the rest of my wonderful story, and here I was letting it bog me down.
So tonight, I will sleep dreaming of all of the good, all of the unknown, and none of the petty bad. I am a strong believer in things happening for worthwhile reasons and the reality that life isn't perfect. With that in mind, I will think of the imperfect, but utterly fabulous, forces that surround me. What could be bad? Certainly not this little life of mine.

Good night moon.


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  1. hi boo. i like people who are'contagiously optimistic' and i think you're one of them. love you oodles and schmoodles.



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