Thursday, January 8, 2009

Definition: Recessionista

Recessionista: A person who is able to stick to a tight budget while still managing to dress stylishly.

As in...She's superstylish, always able to buy a round of drinks and still seems to be wearing a new outfit every time you see her. She's a recessionista, that New York marvel who's a magnet for a good deal. And in this economy, she's got a lot to teach us.


In times such as these, being called a "recessionista" should be taken as the best of compliments. While I'll be the first to wish to support couture, there are ways to do so without breaking the piggy bank or making it impossible to pay next month's rent. Many designers are catching on to the trend too...launching contemporary lines and designing for Target and H&M. The idea of producing great clothes in great fabrics for the consumer audience is spreading, as it means more exposure for a lesser price, without losing any caliber.

Until the economy goes on the upswing, is it environmentally and financially friendly to stick to cheap, consignment or already hanging in the closet. Because after all, if we're such fashionistas, shouldn't we be able to put together a this season look with last season's pieces? I thought so.


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