Monday, December 15, 2008

Cloud Surfing

Since my family moved to California when I was five, I have slept in the same bed. Yes, it's a twin, and felt a whole lot bigger when I was four feet tall, but it is the ultimate nest. Atop one feather and two foam beds, I sleep snuggled into a cushion of six pillows, two down comforters, and a small zoo of stuffed animals surrounding me, covers pulled up to my chin. Tucked under two bay windows, it offers a view of my entire backyard and the sky above and beyond me. As a little girl, I used to wish upon the stars that sparkled in the deepest navy night, blowing kisses to the brightest in the bunch. Now, as the winter chill frosts the windows and blurs my sight, I find myself waking up early to let the morning light seep in and warm my room.
Over the years, my bed has served as a desk, a dresser and a couch to a gaggle of giggling girls, but when the blankets are turned down and sweatpants are donned, it is the ultimate sleeping pill. The warmest, most comfortable place to be, where I sink in and let out a satisfied "ahhh." When I'm tired, there is often nowhere I'd rather be, and few places I long more for when I'm away. And as I've run down my batteries for the last 11 1/2 months, the two weeks before me are going to be the greatest nap I've never taken...I'm getting sleepy just thinking about it. The pitter patter of winter rain sure isn't hurting either...


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