Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Crazy for Not Feeling Blue

I was recently on a plane having a less than fabulous time. In need of a positive distraction, I scrolled through the trusty old iPod searching for something uplifting. And what I found was the soundtrack to my favorite musical, "Crazy for You." I was immediately transported back to the little girl days, when I spent countless evenings singing and dancing to the classic musicals with my mom, cooking in the kitchen with the living room stereo blasting, spatula microphones in hand.
Seated in 18F, I found myself tapping my feet, bopping my head and singing along, a time or two aloud, much to the dismay of my neighbor in 18E. From beginning to end, I wiggled to the music, a little smirk across my face. And when the pilot announced preparation for landing, I turned off my electronic device, closed my eyes, and sang silently through the rest of the flight.


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