Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Waking up to Fall

As went about my morning activities, I was pleased to see the sun glinting through the big green leaves, wet with fresh dew. I considered what I would wear, the weather crisp in Oregon October. As I raised my blinds to welcome the bright new day, the sky went dark and rain started to fall. No wind in sight, the water fell straight down, hard and fast to the bushes below. My face fell too. After a few moments of grunts and frowning, I took a better look at the foliage and land before me. I was surrounded by the most beautiful and lush greenery, made possible by these very drops!
Considering this, I began to smile. I pulled out a pair of boots and a winter coat, layered underneath with warm, soft cotton, and decided to face the weather head on. This year, I would embrace the fall. I would appreciate the rain for what it would bring to my favorite season, spring. This spring would be beautiful and healthy because of the cats and dogs that pitter pattered on my rooftop. I hurried to get ready to leave the house so that I could have my first happy meeting with the rain that I spent years cursing.
The moment I opened the front door to greet the wet, the sun came out and the rain went away. Walking down the street, people closed their umbrellas and squinted up at the clear, blue sky. Rainboots dried and raincoats were folded upon sweatered arms. With dry hair and dry feet, I couldn't help but feel a bit of glee. Maybe I'll wait to start my positive relationship with the rain tomorrow, or next week...


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