Monday, October 27, 2008

Some Kind of Amazing

At my high school, the arts were often taken more seriously than any scholastic subject. Our interests were treated with respect and allowed time and space to be honed, sometimes to near perfection. Dancers went on to famous companies, musicians and actors to acclaimed conservatories, artists to distinguished institutes. We see each other at reunions, local bars, sometimes surprised by a familiar name and face in the program at the ballet.
Tonight, while listening to Pandora, I heard a song that reminded me of two classmates who are miraculous musicians, to say the least. I have watched them play with jaw dropped countless times, never fully understanding how they carry all of their talent, as well as their instruments. I visited their Facebook and Myspace pages and was pleased, but not surprised, to see that they continue to write and play together, though now are settled on the coast where they attended college, across the country from where we grew up.
As we follow our hearts and the path is paved by our choices everyday, I think a great life soundtrack is essential, and I look forward to this addition to mine.
The Scandinavian Half-Breeds


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