Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Definition: Sport

Tell me that ballet is for girls. this.


No need for $150,000 here

Michelle Obama told Jay Leno on the Tonight Show on Monday she purchased her yellow outfit online from J.Crew. J.Crew swiftly capitalized on this marketing opportunity by making "Michelle" and "Obama" searchable on their site. Type it in and the gold Pembridge Dot Camilla Skirt she wore pops up. That item skyrocketed to the most-viewed item on the site yesterday, receiving 464 percent more hits than the day before. Traffic on J.Crew's site as a whole increased 64 percent. They must still be dealing with a traffic spike because the site crashed as we tried to purchase the skirt, though it seems to be working fine now. Read more...

Here's a woman who can do fashion on a a time of economic crisis, less is more. Hats off to you, M!


Hugs and kisses...

...Such stuff as dreams are made on...


An Ode to Levi Stubbs

On October 17, the frontman of Motown classic group, Four Tops, passed away from a long term ailment. Stubbs, along with the rest of his mates, performed across the world for four decades, hit after hit. Even in concerts in the past few years, their pipes and moves were as strong and sensual as ever and their shows were spectacular. Here's to the icon, may we forever sing your praises, in the form of your ultimate hits.
Baby I Need Your Lovin'
Reach Out, I'll Be There
I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)

Listen and learn.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Portable Paraphernalia

While I'm not one to get too excited about electronics (usually because I can't figure most of them out), I learned about this little diddy at work today and found it fabulous. A wireless live radio feed that can plug into your car, home stereo, or be used solo with headphones, you can have new music at your fingertips all day, every day. And if you like and want to remember a song, press the "love button" and it will save it to your music library.

Radio + iPod + love button = my dream machine


Some Kind of Amazing

At my high school, the arts were often taken more seriously than any scholastic subject. Our interests were treated with respect and allowed time and space to be honed, sometimes to near perfection. Dancers went on to famous companies, musicians and actors to acclaimed conservatories, artists to distinguished institutes. We see each other at reunions, local bars, sometimes surprised by a familiar name and face in the program at the ballet.
Tonight, while listening to Pandora, I heard a song that reminded me of two classmates who are miraculous musicians, to say the least. I have watched them play with jaw dropped countless times, never fully understanding how they carry all of their talent, as well as their instruments. I visited their Facebook and Myspace pages and was pleased, but not surprised, to see that they continue to write and play together, though now are settled on the coast where they attended college, across the country from where we grew up.
As we follow our hearts and the path is paved by our choices everyday, I think a great life soundtrack is essential, and I look forward to this addition to mine.
The Scandinavian Half-Breeds


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Wally Lamb

She's Come Undone is my favorite book. Every year since the first time in 2002, I pick it up and settle in for a day to read the 480 pages, cover to cover. It is a remarkable story about a girl's life, from age 4 to age 40, through divorce, hospitalization, love, sadness and triumph. Most interesting for me? The novel's author, Wally Lamb, is a man, and never before have I read anything that so touched and understood a character of the opposite sex. And for me, that is a beautiful ability, as a writer and a person.
October 17th is Mr. Lamb's birthday, and around the day that I began another bestselling novel of his, I Know This Much is True, a tale of identical twin brothers, one schizophrenic, one by society's standards, "normal." So far, so amazing. My congratulations to the author, for another profound story. I look forward to reading and re-reading his books forever.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Think you're smart? Prove it.

October 23: Stop speaking poorly about friends. It's easy to say that it's only venting, or you'd say the same thing to his or her face, but honestly, what do any of us gain? Talking about the so-called flaws of others only makes our own insecurity and boredom shine brighter. And in this day and age, with the world growing and changing and new and exciting opportunities arising before our eyes, shouldn't we have better things to talk about?
So the next time you're offered the chance to say something unnecessary, fight the urge and talk...politics. We've got a big election on our hands. Plus, burning ears can't feel good.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Whiskey Rebels, you know who you are...

In honor of the month that Jack Daniel's was announced to have the highest proof of alcohol on the market.
This post goes out to all the ladies, but definitely the gentlemen, who enjoy the rich, full bodied flavor of fine American whiskey. Whiskey that's empowered, distinct, crafted by legends. Whiskey diverse enough to be enjoyed solo, on the rocks, or with a dash of water or soda. Whiskey that embodies all things classic, strong, stoic and above all, man. So raise your glasses boys, Jack's up.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Hugs = Love

October 13: Human physical contact is clinically proven to improve people's moods, even in cases of depression. So go hug someone. But of course, ask first. If hugging isn't your thing, then touch someone's shoulder or arm, or give them a warm smile and compliment. We never know what kind of day we might come across, so why not do something harmless and impacting to help acknowledge each other and get happy.


2AM CLUB, not just a bar in suburbia

A friend just gave me the CD of a band with two members from my hometown. I went to junior high with them and never knew for all those years that they were such musical fiends. Now I can't turn them off! Enjoy ;)


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lipstick Rumble

I recently discovered Lipstick Jungle and I'm hooked. Dubbed the "next Sex and the City," it follows three best friends and New York power women through their stories of love, success and solidarity. Not only are they beautiful, funny, and smart, the show makes very obvious that these characters find their strength in being challenged and relying on the most important things, themselves and family. And they have impeccable wardrobes...Great role models indeed.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Overthink is my middle name

October 8: Don't assume the worst, or stress over minuscule details that have little to no effect on the big picture, if realistic or expected at all. It's a waste of time. We cannot predict the future. Instead, focus on personal goals and desires and await the knowledge that life and experience will share.


Waking up to Fall

As went about my morning activities, I was pleased to see the sun glinting through the big green leaves, wet with fresh dew. I considered what I would wear, the weather crisp in Oregon October. As I raised my blinds to welcome the bright new day, the sky went dark and rain started to fall. No wind in sight, the water fell straight down, hard and fast to the bushes below. My face fell too. After a few moments of grunts and frowning, I took a better look at the foliage and land before me. I was surrounded by the most beautiful and lush greenery, made possible by these very drops!
Considering this, I began to smile. I pulled out a pair of boots and a winter coat, layered underneath with warm, soft cotton, and decided to face the weather head on. This year, I would embrace the fall. I would appreciate the rain for what it would bring to my favorite season, spring. This spring would be beautiful and healthy because of the cats and dogs that pitter pattered on my rooftop. I hurried to get ready to leave the house so that I could have my first happy meeting with the rain that I spent years cursing.
The moment I opened the front door to greet the wet, the sun came out and the rain went away. Walking down the street, people closed their umbrellas and squinted up at the clear, blue sky. Rainboots dried and raincoats were folded upon sweatered arms. With dry hair and dry feet, I couldn't help but feel a bit of glee. Maybe I'll wait to start my positive relationship with the rain tomorrow, or next week...


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Perfect Mix of Business and Pleasure

Barack Obama's Paris Runway Debut
When it was reported that Donatella Versace most recent men's collection was inspired by Barack Obama, Donatella was quick to correct the press. Obama himself didn't inspire her, but rather "the type of man Barack Obama represents." However designers showing at Paris Fashion Week conveyed no such reserves about using their runway shows to blatantly support Barack.


Monday, October 6, 2008


October 6: Write, seal, stamp, and send letters. It doesn't matter what they say, how long they are, or how quickly they get to their destination, because the sentiment that goes with a hand written letter is incomparable.
And in this day and age, when bills are the only expected envelopes to fill the mailbox, a little surprise goes a long way.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Degas Three Ways

One of Edgar's best. Many more to come.


Chewy, Gummy, Happy

A day rarely goes by that doesn't include me eating candy. I just love a little bite of something sweet, after most meals, with most beverages, at most hours of the day. I especially love entering the drugstore, gas station or market and finding one of the following:

  1. Tropical Typhoon Mike N Ike's. Before the "NEW FLAVORS!" (which should put them lower on my list because they're not as good anymore, but I cannot abandon what was once the most delicious candy of all time.)
  2. Lifesavers Gummies Wild Berry. I know, a very specific mouthful, but the perfect mix of tangy and sweet.
  3. Lifesavers Gummies Fruit Splosions. This is a new twist on the ever popular Gusher. They come in Traditional Five Flavor, Sour Cherry and Variety Pack.
  4. Nabisco Chewy Fruit Snacks. Pretty generic, but oh so favorite flavor is Strawberry.
  5. Milk Duds. A classic, and available everywhere, but I adore them for my chocolate cravings, and everytime I go to the movies.


Don't Vote

Spreading the word about not voting.

Oh wait, maybe vote.


New Day's Resolution

Why is it that we can only make resolutions on one day out of all 365? New Day's Resolution, for any or every day, because why should January 1st have all the fun?

October 5th: When the going gets tough, to always laugh, and always play, and remember how fantastic life can be.